G Suite Essential Skills: Guides and Tutorials

Last year, many NECSD employees participated in Google Essentials workshop which focused on the skills necessary to work in the G Suite environment. The district has transitioned to G Suite as its primary office suite of tools, and these skills are more vital now than ever before.  If you weren’t able to participate in last year’s workshops or if you simply want to review the skills, this document provides a description of each skill and a short video or other resource –including instructions– that allows for self-paced learning.  Please feel free to share these resources with teachers and students as appropriate.  

Getting Ready for NECSD Gmail

As part of the yearlong transition from Microsoft to G Suite for Education, the Division of Information and Technology is working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for all.  Our team of Instructional Technology Facilitators (ITF) has participated in formal Google certification programs and continues to grow their expertise with this robust set of tools. Recently, a pilot group of users in the district was migrated from Outlook to Gmail and will use it exclusively in the months leading up to the final cut-over (scheduled for July 1, 2018).  These users will also provide feedback and identify any potential hurdles our users may experience.  As we move closer to the transition, the Continue reading Getting Ready for NECSD Gmail

Review of Google Essentials

As we prepare for our full transition to G-Suite for Education, including Gmail and Google Calendar, there are essential skills that apply to most of the suite (i.e. Docs, Sheets, Presentations).  This one-pager provides a list of these essentials, as well as a short “how to” for each.  District employees who would like to attend a hands-on workshop should contacts their school’s Instructional Technology Facilitator.

Bulk Uploading Files and Folders to Google Drive

Google Drive

As the district transitions to G-Suite for Education, users may want to move files and folders to Google Drive.  Below are steps for doing so, including a few suggestions to consider. Create a folder on your desktop and label it”Original Files.” Place into the “Original Files” folder all files and folders you plan to move to Google Drive.  This may involve downloading some from OneDrive or copying from a network drive. Using the Chrome browser, log into your district G-Suite account and go to Drive. Click “New” and choose “Upload Folder” Upload the “Original Files” folder by selecting it.  It may take a few minutes to upload, depending on the size of your files.  Once Continue reading Bulk Uploading Files and Folders to Google Drive