NECSD Division of Technology and Information


G Suite Essential Skills: Guides and Tutorials

Last year, many NECSD employees participated in Google Essentials workshop which focused on the skills necessary to work in the G Suite environment. The district has transitioned to G Suite as its primary office suite of tools, and these skills are more vital now than ever before.  If you weren’t able to participate in last year’s…

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Getting Ready for NECSD Gmail

As part of the yearlong transition from Microsoft to G Suite for Education, the Division of Information and Technology is working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for all.  Our team of Instructional Technology Facilitators (ITF) has participated in formal Google certification programs and continues to grow their expertise with this robust set…

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Review of Google Essentials

As we prepare for our full transition to G-Suite for Education, including Gmail and Google Calendar, there are essential skills that apply to most of the suite (i.e. Docs, Sheets, Presentations).  This one-pager provides a list of these essentials, as well as a short “how to” for each.  District employees who would like to attend…

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Google Drive

Bulk Uploading Files and Folders to Google Drive

As the district transitions to G-Suite for Education, users may want to move files and folders to Google Drive.  Below are steps for doing so, including a few suggestions to consider. Create a folder on your desktop and label it”Original Files.” Place into the “Original Files” folder all files and folders you plan to move…

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