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Save Time! Create “Locked” Quizzes and Formative Assessments Using Google Forms

Save time using Google’s new “locked mode” for quizzes! “Locked mode” prevents students from using other browser tabs or navigating away from the quiz they are taking on their Chromebook.  This ”one pager” illustrates how to create a locked quiz and the 90 second video below explains the process in detail (yes, it’s that simple).  The three…

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Making Gmail Fit Your Style

While working with administrators, non-instructional support staff, and teachers over the summer, the most requested information about GMail was how users could control its look and feel. This can be done through the control panel.  This short video explains how to modify the look and feel of Gmail by adding a preview pane and how to…

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Working with  PDF Documents and Converting Them to DOC Format in G Suite

As we move further and further along with our transition to G Suite and Chromebooks, questions inevitably arise.  One recent question from the field is: Do you know a way to work with  PDF documents and convert them to DOC in G Suite? Thanks! Yes, this is something that can be done in G Suite!…

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