Save Time! Create “Locked” Quizzes and Formative Assessments Using Google Forms

Save time using Google’s new “locked mode” for quizzes! “Locked mode” prevents students from using other browser tabs or navigating away from the quiz they are taking on their Chromebook.  This ”one pager” illustrates how to create a locked quiz and the 90 second video below explains the process in detail (yes, it’s that simple).  The three most immediate benefits are: Preventing students from using other browser tabs or navigating away from the quiz they are taking on their Chromebook Control whether or not to show questions answered incorrectly Control whether or not to she the correct answer for questions answered indirectly. Related resources: Create & grade quizzes with Google Forms – Support Ten second animated Continue reading Save Time! Create “Locked” Quizzes and Formative Assessments Using Google Forms

District Sponsors Teachers and Administrators for Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam

Are you excited about using G Suite to expand student learning opportunities?   Show off your knowledge of Google tools, mastery of how technology influences student learning, and join an international cohort by becoming a Google Certified Educator.  The district will provide an exam voucher for any teacher or administrator who prepares for the exam, either individually or with colleagues. Study materials and all information regarding certification are available here.  Support and further information is available from our Instructional Technology Facilitator team, all of whom are Google Certified Educators!

Update Regarding G-Suite for Education Professional Development

As the district continues  its transition to G-Suite for Education, the Division of Information and Technology is ensuring ample professional learning opportunities for staff, including face-to-face, small group, larger settings, and online resources.  More than 150 teachers participated in G Suite related professional development workshops during the October 17, 2018  half conference day.  Workshops included differentiated Google Classroom sessions, strategic use of Google forms for formative assessments, integrating the tools with district Promethean Boards, and more. These activities, including ongoing elbow-to-elbow professional development in each school, are a continuation of last year’s established baseline of essential skills. These skills are listed here, with corresponding links and information that many users will find useful.

G Suite Essential Skills: Guides and Tutorials

Last year, many NECSD employees participated in Google Essentials workshop which focused on the skills necessary to work in the G Suite environment. The district has transitioned to G Suite as its primary office suite of tools, and these skills are more vital now than ever before.  If you weren’t able to participate in last year’s workshops or if you simply want to review the skills, this document provides a description of each skill and a short video or other resource –including instructions– that allows for self-paced learning.  Please feel free to share these resources with teachers and students as appropriate.  

Google Classroom Updates and Online Resources

The 2018-19 school year holds many exciting opportunities, including the 1:1 Chromebook initiative for all students in grades 3-10 and expanded access via carts and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) for grades K-2 and 11-12, all part the district’s commitment to Digital Convergence.  One advantage of 1:1 Chromebooks is the opportunity to provide an online structure using Google Classroom. This summer Classroom has undergone some enhancements, including the option to create “locked” quizzes.  This feature enables paperless assessments!  While in a locked quiz, nothing else can be accessed by the student  (i.e. no Googling for answers). Quizzes are easy to create using Google Forms and offer a variety of configuration options.  Details of the other changes Continue reading Google Classroom Updates and Online Resources

Summer Technology Professional Development

This summer is a great opportunity to explore the wonderful potential we will have in September when each student in grades 3-10 has his/her own Chromebook!  There have been several successful pilots over the course of the year, and there are many workshops being held this summer and fall to support our teachers in using these new tools. The real shifts start to happen as our students have new and exciting ways to take ownership of their learning.   Of course, the Chromebook is only a device much as the Palm Pilot was also device, so what will make being a student in this time and place so much different than initiatives in the past? Continue reading Summer Technology Professional Development

Year End Projects and Reviews: A Great Time to Start Using Google Classroom!

Our district is fortunate to have every teacher and student enrolled in a private G Suite Education domain, and  teachers have had increasing success using this online tool to engage their students.  For those who have not yet explored Google Classroom, now is a great time to make that leap and have students take further ownership of their learning! The members of our Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF) team have participated in a variety of in-person and online training and have achieved Google Level 1 Educator certification.  They are available to work with our teachers directly–including in-class modeling–to ensure the necessary levels of support.  Take advantage of this valuable human resource and provide your students Continue reading Year End Projects and Reviews: A Great Time to Start Using Google Classroom!

Review of Google Essentials

As we prepare for our full transition to G-Suite for Education, including Gmail and Google Calendar, there are essential skills that apply to most of the suite (i.e. Docs, Sheets, Presentations).  This one-pager provides a list of these essentials, as well as a short “how to” for each.  District employees who would like to attend a hands-on workshop should contacts their school’s Instructional Technology Facilitator.