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Improving Elementary School Attendance and Bus Behaviors

Bus safetyFostertown and Gardnertown elementary schools have focused on using technology to improve protocols/procedures and student learning. With a focus on improving attendance, ITF Karen Molfese developed a presentation that highlights the class with the highest attendance percentage of the month. A class picture is added to the slide and it is presented in the cafeteria on the Activwall for the month. Also, all students in grades pre-k through 5 with 100% attendance for the month are showcased with their names scrolling through the slide as well. This has helped motivate students and improve their attendance.

For bus behavior, the schools have incorporated the Class Dojo app. The bus drivers were given a 2 sided sign with a yellow side and a green side, and each side is allotted a certain number of points. The points are accumulated to earn specific rewards and are added on Class Dojo.  The results are shown in the classrooms during morning announcements as well as in the cafeteria during lunch periods to allow the students to track their points. The result is students who are more motivated to encourage their peers to behave properly on the buses.

necsdtech • December 4, 2018

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