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NFA North Goes Full Force with Digital Resources

Makerbot 3D printerTeachers and students at NFA North have been engaged in a variety of digital learning experiences.  North’s Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF) Jackie Holmes refers to these as, “really interesting, exciting and mind blowing technologies” and explains the school is “going full force with G Suite for Education on our new chromebooks as well as many other new innovative  technologies throughout our school.” Holmes has spent time in the ELA classrooms, collaborating with teachers as students work on narrative essays using Google Docs and Slides, some of which will become websites.  “Creating sites is our end outcome for this lesson with the use of 21st century technology,” she said.  “Allowing students to be open to any form of technology and see how all forms of the Google Suite work together gives them the opportunity to choose what works best for their learning styles.”

In some of the science and global studies classes  students have been studying molecules and WWII artifacts, and will prepare related artifacts for 3D printing. In another class, students created artwork on TinkerCad, a 3D printing software, to learn first hand the potential that 3D scanning and printing can have on studying ancient artifacts. In upcoming weeks they plan to begin printing the human skeleton in the CNA classes.

necsdtech • December 3, 2018

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